The story behind Serendipity...

When I first discovered Galiano Island, I fell in love with it. Shortly after I decided to look around for a cabin. Serendipity was the first cabin I came to. There was something about this cabin that stole my heart. That peaceful tranquility that I felt within myself when I walked in and looked at the view was something I never forgot. I viewed 8 more cabins after this one, but I decided to pick Serendipity, because of the feeling of calmness it evoked.

Come and enjoy our friendly and unique community and experience this beautiful natural environment.

The Cabin

Serendipity by the Sea is situated on beautiful Whaler Bay; a short walk from Sturdies Bay ferry terminal, local shops, bookstore and the best breakfast place on the Island. Deer, eagles and otters frolick on the property and guests are warmly embraced by the sounds of nature and the sense of peaceful calm upon arrival. It's a great romantic getaway for couples, a fun adventure for a solo traveller or a peaceful retreat for the weary city dweller or as a rejuvinating writers paradise.

Thank you for considering choosing Serendipity.

Finding something good without looking for it.